Happy Birthday Marilyn Monroe: Top Iconic Photos

2024/06/02 08:45:09 IST

Celebrating Marilyn Monroe's Birthday

    The American actress, Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, in Los Angeles.

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1. Marilyn Monroe's Iconic Subway Grate Photo

    During filming for The Seven Year Itch, Sam Shaw, Monroes photographer and friend, seized the moment by capturing her laughter atop a subway grate. Surrounded by fans and paparazzi, it became one of her most renowned portraits.

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2. Marilyn's Ballerina Moment: A Tender Perspective

    In a poignant shift from her usual glamour, Marilyn Monroes photo session unveiled a softer, more sensual side. Despite wardrobe mishaps, she gracefully transformed the ill-fitting attire into an unconventional accessory, showcasing both her beauty and vulnerability.

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3. Marilyn Monroe: Embracing Intelligence and Beauty

    Contrary to stereotypes, Marilyn Monroes love for reading challenged the dumb blonde label. She often posed with books, defying pinup norms and emphasizing that beauty encompassed intellect, debunking shallow perceptions.

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4. Cecil Beaton's Beloved Portrait of Marilyn Monroe

    Handpicked by Monroe herself, Cecil Beatons portrait became her favorite, frequently used for autographs. Its delicate sincerity captured her soft essence, embodying her timeless allure.

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5. Avedon's Candid Capture: Marilyn's Weariness Revealed

    Richard Avedons renowned black and white portrait depicts Marilyn Monroes exhaustion during a lengthy session. As she relaxes, her weary eyes convey a melancholic beauty, adding depth to her iconic image.

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6. Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller: A Snapshot of Love

    In a candid moment, Marilyn Monroe and her third husband, Arthur Miller, were captured by Sam Shaw in 1957. Brimming with tenderness, this intimate portrait reflects their bond at their East Hampton home.

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7. Monroe's Gravity-Defying Leap: A Halsman Classic

    Philippe Halsman immortalized Marilyn Monroes playful jump, akin to his iconic works with Dalí and Grace Kelly. This joyful leap became a highlight in his celebrated Jump Book.

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8. Henri Cartier-Bresson's Graceful Marilyn

    Taken amidst filming The Misfits in 1961, Henri Cartier-Bressons photograph captures Marilyn Monroes elegance and focus. Commissioned by Magnum Photos, it portrays her poised presence on set.

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