Hell on Earth: Eight of History's Most Brutal Execution Methods

2024/05/25 15:50:26 IST

1. Crucifixion

    Crucifixion, an ancient execution method notably used by the Romans, involved nailing or binding a person to a cross or similar structure. Victims endured prolonged agony from asphyxiation, blood loss, and exposure before succumbing to death.

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2. Keelhauling

    Keelhauling was a brutal punishment practiced by sailors, where the condemned was dragged under the keel of a ship. The victim suffered severe lacerations from barnacles and other marine growth, often resulting in drowning or fatal injuries.

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3. Impalement

    Impalement, a favored method of the notorious Vlad the Impaler, involved skewering a person through the body with a long stake. The victim could be impaled through various bodily orifices, leading to a slow and excruciating death as the stake was driven through vital organs.

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4. Roman Candle

    The Roman Candle execution, used particularly under Emperor Neros reign, involved tying a person to a stake and coating them in flammable substances. They were then set alight, effectively turning the victim into a human torch and causing a horrific, fiery death.

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5. Flaying

    Flaying involved the removal of a persons skin while they were still alive. This gruesome method, employed by various ancient cultures, caused intense pain and typically resulted in death from shock, blood loss, or infection.

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6. The Rack

    The Rack was a medieval torture device designed to stretch the victims body. By securing the limbs and gradually turning a wheel, executioners could dislocate joints and tear muscles, leading to unbearable pain and permanent physical damage or death.

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7. The Boats

    The Boats, also known as Scaphism, was an ancient Persian method where the victim was trapped between two boats and force-fed milk and honey. Left to float on a stagnant pond, the person would endure exposure, insect attacks, and ultimately die from infection and dehydration.

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8. Rat Torture

    Rat Torture exploited the natural behavior of rats by placing a rat in a container on the victims abdomen and heating the container. The panicked rat would burrow through the victims flesh to escape, causing extreme pain and often resulting in a gruesome and fatal injury.

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