Kim Jong-Un: 7 Lavish Items He Owns That Will Leave You Astonished!

2024/05/11 20:06:56 IST

7. Sun Palace (Kumsusan Palace of the Sun)

    This grand building in Pyongyang is also called the Kim Il-sung Mausoleum. Its the biggest structure ever dedicated to a communist leader.

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6. Ryugyong Hotel

    A pyramid-shaped hotel with 105 floors, initiated by Kim Jong-Uns grandfather, Kim II Sung, and completed after 26 years in 2015.

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5. Masikryong Ski Resort (Masik)

    Commissioned by Kim Jong-Un, this resort sits atop Taehwa Peak, offering accommodation for up to 5,000 people in its 120 rooms

Credit: Wikipedia

4. Secret Phone

    Kim Jong-Uns encrypted phone, rumored to be an HTC model, connects to a secure North Korean network for confidential communication.


3. Private Island

    Hidden away, Kim Jong-Uns vast private island boasts multiple properties, including a main residence.

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2. Exclusive Golf Courses

    Kim Jong-Un owns top-notch golf courses in North Korea, maintained by government-employed workers.

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1. Piano Collection

    With over 20 pianos scattered across his residences, Kim Jong-Un is an avid pianist who practices daily, often blaming the instrument for any errors.

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