Meet Victoria Shi Ukraine's AI spokesperson

Rise of AI in Diplomacy

    - AIs expanding role beyond chatbots and news anchors. - Ukraines Ministry of Foreign Affairs introduces AI digital spokesperson.

Meet Victoria Shi

    - AI-generated avatar representing Ukraines Ministry of Foreign Affairs. - Introduction video on social media showcasing Shis human-like communication.

Human-Verified Content

    - Shi delivers verified statements prepared by human diplomats. - Content authenticity maintained despite AI-generated avatar.

Technological Leap

    - Ukrainian Foreign Minister hails Shi as a technological leap in diplomacy. - Benefits include saving time and resources for diplomats.

The Game Changers Team

    - The development of Victoria Shi led by The Game Changers team. - Objective: Enhance efficiency in foreign ministry operations.

AI Diplomat's Role

    - Shis role involves informing the public with timely and verified information. - Updates journalists about consular services and rights of Ukrainian citizens abroad.

Combatting Misinformation

    - Measures against deep fakes and misinformation include QR codes with Shis statements. - Codes link to official text versions on the ministrys website for authenticity.

Special Coverage