Nuclear Reactor Counts: How Leading Countries Stack Up

2024/05/30 22:47:13 IST

7. Canada: 19 reactors

    Canada has 19 operational nuclear reactors, primarily located in Ontario. Nuclear power provides a significant portion of Ontarios electricity, contributing to the provinces low-carbon energy mix.

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6. India: 23 reactors

    India operates 23 nuclear reactors, contributing to its goal of diversifying its energy sources and reducing carbon emissions. The country plans to expand its nuclear capacity significantly in the coming years.

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5. South Korea: 25 reactors

    South Korea has 25 nuclear reactors in operation. Nuclear power is a key component of South Koreas energy mix, supplying nearly 30% of the nations electricity.

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4. Russia: 37 reactors

    Russia operates 37 nuclear reactors, providing a substantial portion of its domestic energy needs. Additionally, Russia is a significant player in the international nuclear energy market, exporting technology and expertise.

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3. France: 56 reactors

    France also has 56 operational nuclear reactors, which are a cornerstone of its energy policy. Nuclear power accounts for about 70% of Frances electricity production, the highest percentage in the world.

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2. China: 56 reactors

    China operates 56 nuclear reactors, reflecting its rapid expansion in nuclear energy. The countrys nuclear capacity is part of its broader strategy to reduce reliance on coal and lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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1. USA: 93 reactors

    The United States has 93 operational nuclear reactors, making it the country with the largest number of active reactors in the world.

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