These Jobs Are Most At risks Till 2032

2024/05/15 18:50:01 IST

7. Executive secretaries and administrative assistants: 108,100

    Similar to traditional secretaries and administrative assistants, advancements in office technology and automation may lead to a decline in demand for executive support roles, potentially resulting in 108,100 job losses by 2032.

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6. Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks: 108,300

    The automation of routine accounting tasks and the adoption of digital accounting software may reduce the demand for manual bookkeeping and accounting roles, potentially resulting in 108,300 job losses.

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5. Miscellaneous assemblers and fabricators: 111,800

    Advances in manufacturing technology and increased automation are likely to lead to fewer manual assembly and fabrication jobs, resulting in an estimated decrease of 111,800 positions.

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4. Customer service representatives: 162,700

    As businesses increasingly adopt automated customer service systems and AI-powered chatbots, the need for human customer service representatives may diminish, leading to a projected reduction of 162,700 jobs.

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3. Office clerks: 175,400

    Similar to secretaries and administrative assistants, office clerks are anticipated to face job displacement due to automation and digitalization of office procedures, resulting in an estimated decline of 175,400 jobs.

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2. Secretaries and administrative assistants: 235,900

    Automation and advancements in office technology are projected to streamline administrative tasks, leading to a decreased demand for secretarial and administrative support roles, potentially resulting in 235,900 job losses.

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1. Cashiers: 348,100

    With the rise of self-checkout systems and online shopping, the demand for traditional cashiers is expected to decline significantly by 2032, leading to an estimated reduction of 348,100 jobs.

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    These data reflect the statistics of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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