Waterparks don't want you to know THESE 7 things!

2024/04/27 21:59:51 IST

Crawling Bacteria

    Shower shoes are required in the local swimming pools where you frequently visit. The cause of this is foot fungus! However, many people disregard these alerts, particularly at water parks.

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Dangerous Wave Pools

    They can be far more dangerous than your typical swimming hole; therefore, proceed with caution. Think twice before you enter a wave pool again.

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Disease Rush

    Even when they clean the water with chlorine, it may not always be sufficient. There are situations when underwater organisms are too powerful for chlorine to eradicate.

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Excessive Chlorine is Bad

    Despite being used to destroy bacteria, using too much has unintended consequences. If managed improperly, it can lead to chlorine poisoning. Skin inflammation and intense itching are among the signs of chlorine poisoning.

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Disgusting Drains

    Every pool has the potential to catch a lot of crap down the drain. So BEWARE!

Literally SHIT?

    Contamination by faeces is real. Since most people do not thoroughly wash their behinds before getting in the pool, there is a considerable risk that some poo remains there.

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Swim Dappies not spill proof

    Swimsuits and diapers do not exactly help either. It is safe to say that occasionally, a spill will occur. Nothing is worse than that, too.

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