When Human Actions Go Awry: 8 Epic Man-Made Disasters in History

2024/05/22 15:54:29 IST

1. Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

    The 2010 explosion unleashed 134M gallons of oil, wreaking havoc on marine life and coastal economies.

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2. Chernobyl

    In 1986, a nuclear disaster emitted lethal radiation, prompting evacuations and ongoing health crises, with cleanup spanning decades.

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3. Bhopal Gas Disaster

    A 1984 gas leak killed thousands, leaving long-term health repercussions and highlighting industrial safety concerns.

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4. Seveso Disaster

    Italys 1976 chemical release triggered evacuations, health issues, and lasting environmental harm.

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5. Love Canal

    Starting in 1953, toxic waste dumping led to evacuations, health crises, and awareness about industrial pollutions dangers.

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6. Great Pacific Garbage Patch

    A vast accumulation of plastic harms marine life, disrupts ecosystems, and poses a global oceanic threat.

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7. Minamata Mercury Poisoning

    Decades of mercury pollution caused deaths, illness, and social upheaval in Japan, leaving lasting scars.

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8. Dust Bowl

    The 1930s US ecological disaster, driven by poor farming practices, caused death, displacement, and environmental ruin.

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