About Us


Launched in 2023, Top Indian News (India Daily Live) is essentially a news website that has caught the attention of urban as well as rural reader in a very short span of time. Insightful and original, Top Indian News aims to provide news which is right and unaffected by any whim or fancy. The news website follows the ideology of inclusiveness and aims to furnish as much knowledge as possible.

TopIndianNews is part of the esteemed TV channel India Daily Live, promoted by the Sapphire Media Ltd. A leading 360 degree integrated television news channel, India Daily Live, with a tagline – ‘Raashtra Ko Samarpit’, in a very short span of time, has made its place among the common man of the country. The channel has made a name for itself in the business of News Production, Live Reporting, Training, Social Media and Convergence Media.