Code of Ethics

As a media outlet with a worldwide focus, TopIndianNews will abide by the following code of ethics in order to fulfill the vision and goal it has established for itself:

1. Uphold the journalistic principles of objectivity, independence, integrity, and diversity, and refrain from prioritising commercial or political interests over those of the profession.

2. Make an effort to uncover the truth and express it in our dispatches, programs, and news reports in a way that is clear-cut and guarantees its validity and correctness.

3. Respect our listeners and treat every problem or story with the attention it deserves to give a clear, factual, and accurate picture while taking into account the feelings of victims of crime, war, persecution, and disaster, their families, and their communities.

4. Encourage fair and honest media competition without enabling it to negatively impact our performance standards so that getting a “scoop” won’t become a goal in and of itself.

5. Outline many viewpoints and perspectives without bias or favouritism.

6. Recognise the diversity of human civilizations, including all of their races, ethnicities, and beliefs, as well as their values and innate uniqueness, in order to reflect them in a fair and accurate manner.

7. Admit mistakes, fix them, and make sure they don’t happen again.

8. Adhere to the globally accepted standards on the rights of these sources while maintaining transparency in how you interact with the news and its sources.

9. To avoid the traps of conjecture and propaganda, distinguish between news, opinion, and analysis.

10. Support colleagues in the field when they need it, especially in light of the occasional acts of violence and harassment that journalists experience.