Does Mercury have bad position in your horoscope? Lal Kitab remedies to calm it

Lal Kitab is a part of Vedic astrology known for its unique and practical remedies, offers several solutions for strengthening weak Mercury.

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In Vedic astrology, Mercury (Budh) plays a crucial role in determining aspects like intellect, communication, and reasoning abilities. Mercury is the smallest planet in the solar system and is also known as ‘Prince’. When Mercury is poorly placed in a horoscope, it can lead to issues related to communication, decision-making, and mental clarity. Weak or afflicted Mercury can result from several factors, including its placement in certain houses, conjunction with malefic planets, or receiving aspects from them.

Indicators of weak or afflicted Mercury in horoscope

Placement in Malefic Houses: Mercury is considered malefic in the 3rd, 8th, 9th and 12th houses and sometimes in 6th house too.

Conjunction with Malefics: Mercury in conjunction with malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, or Ketu can weaken its positive effects.

Debilitation: Mercury is debilitated in Pisces.

Combustion: When Mercury is too close to the Sun, it becomes combust and loses strength.

Aspect of Malefic Planets: Receiving aspects from malefic planets can also negatively impact Mercury.

Remedies According to Lal Kitab

Lal Kitab, a branch of Vedic astrology known for its unique and practical remedies, offers several solutions for strengthening weak Mercury. Here are some common remedies:

Donate Green Items: Donating green items such as green clothes, bangles, or pulses on Wednesdays can help strengthen Mercury.

Worship Lord Vishnu or Lord Ganesha: Regular worship of Lord Vishnu or Lord Ganesha can help pacify Mercury-related issues.

Feed Birds: Feeding green fodder to cows or birds can be beneficial.

Wear Emerald: Wearing an emerald gemstone in the right hand's little finger can strengthen Mercury, but this should be done after consulting an experienced astrologer.

Avoid Green Color on the Body: Do not keep green objects in the bedroom or wear green clothes if Mercury is weak.

Read and Donate Books: Reading and donating books, especially related to education, can help improve Mercury's effects.

Practice Good Communication: Engage in honest and clear communication. Avoid deceitful practices and stay truthful.

Water Tulsi Plant: Regularly water and worship a Tulsi (basil) plant.

Charity on Wednesdays: Perform charitable acts on Wednesdays, which is the day ruled by Mercury.

Specific Lal Kitab Remedies Based on Placement

Mercury in the 6th House: Avoid green color in your house, particularly in your bedroom. Avoid consumption of alcohol and non-vegetarian food.

Mercury in the 8th House: Do not keep a parrot at home. Donate milk on Wednesdays.

Mercury in the 12th House: Avoid keeping green items at home. Donate sweets to young girls.

These remedies aim to reduce the malefic effects of poorly placed Mercury and enhance its positive influences. It is crucial to consult a knowledgeable astrologer before performing these remedies, as individual charts can vary greatly.

(Disclaimer: This information has been collected from various mediums like astrologers, almanacs, beliefs or religious scriptures and has been presented to you. Please consult experts while making related decisions. TopIndianNews does not hold accountability for this information.)