Know who is Vrinda? The story behind Tulsi Vivaah

Tulsi Vivaah will be observed on November 23, Ekadashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Kartik Month.

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According to mythological beliefs, Lord Vishnu wakes up from Yoganidra on the Ekadashi date of Kartik Maas Shukla Paksha, after which the auspicious works begin. The day is commonly known as Dev Uthani Ekadashi. Tulsi Vivaah is performed after Lord Vishnu wakes up from Yoganidra. 

As per mythological beliefs, it is said that Jalandhar’s wife Vrinda became Tulsi.  Let us tell the story of Vrinda becoming Tulsi and Tulsi Vivaah.

According to scriptures, a demon named Jalandhar was destroying the gods and goddesses with his terror. Jalandhar was powerful because his wife Vrinda was a devoted woman. It is believed that no one on the earth could defeat Jalandhar. 

Vrinda was a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu as well. With the favour of Lord Vishnu, he consistently prevailed in battle. The gods and goddesses went to Lord Vishnu and asked for his protection after Jalandhar attacked heaven one day.

Lord Vishnu was aware that defeating Jalandhar would require severing Vrinda's attachment. He assumed the shape of Jalandhar in this circumstance, shattering Vrinda's dharma of faithfulness to her husband, which ultimately led to the destruction of Jalandhar's abilities. Afterward, he lost his life. When Vrinda learned of Jalandhar's passing, she was devastated. Later, Vrat became enraged when Vrinda discovered the trick done on her and cursed Lord Vishnu.

Due to the breaking of Vrinda's vow of fidelity to her husband, she cursed Lord Shri Hari, "Just as you have given me the pain of separation through deceit, in the same way, your wife will also be taken away through deceit." Also, you will become of stone and people will know that stone as Shaligram. It is said that due to the curse of Vrinda, Lord Vishnu was born as Shri Ram, son of Dasharatha. Then later he had to suffer the loss of Sita.

This is how Vrinda became Tulsi.

There is a religious story that Vrinda could not bear the separation from her husband and became Sati. It is said that Lord Vishnu named the plant that grew from the ashes of Vrinda Tulsa. After which Lord Vishnu took a vow that he would not accept food without Tulsi. Not only this, he also said that he would marry Tulsi in the form of Shaligram. It is believed that whoever solemnizes Tulsi's marriage with devotion gets blessed with a happy married life. 

This year, Tulsi Vivaah will be observed on November 23, Ekadashi Tithi of Shukla Paksha of Kartik Maas.

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