Phalgun Maas: Check out list of festivals and significance of the month

Maha Shivratri, Amla Ekadashi and Phalgun Purnima are the major festivals that are celebrated in Phalgun Maas.

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Phalgun maas is considered one of the auspicious months and is considered to be the 12th month of the year, according to the Vedic Panchang. According to the Georgian calendar, Phalgun falls either in February or March, every year. Phalgun Maas also holds great significance in Hindu religion as Maha Shivratri, the special day of Lord Shiva, falls in this month. Along with this, the festival of colors ‘Holi’ also falls in the same month. In 2024, the Phalgun Maas will begin on February 25 and will end on March 25.

According to mythology, it is believed that one gets relief from all troubles and can attain happiness, prosperity and wealth by worshipping Lord Shiva. Maha Shivratri, Amla Ekadashi and Phalgun Purnima are the major festivals that are celebrated to seek the blessings of God.

Importance of donation in Phalgun Maas

Similar to Magha maas, charity has special significance in the month of Phalgun too. In this month, pure ghee, mustard oil, seasonal fruits, grains, clothes etc. should be donated to the needy as per their capacity. By doing this one attains virtue. Worshipping ancestors also gives auspicious results.

Devotees also keep fast to seek blessings of the God. Here’s the list of festivals falling in the month of Phalgun, as per Hindu Panchang:

  • Dwijapriya Sankashti Chaturthi - February 28, Wednesday
  • Vijaya Ekadashi- March 6, Wednesday
  • Maha Shivratri, Pradosh Vrat- March 8, Friday
  • Phalguna Amavasya- March 10, Sunday
  • Phulera Dooj - March 12, Tuesday
  • Amalaki Ekadashi- March 20, Wednesday
  • Pradosh Vrat- March 22, Friday
  • Holika Dahan- March 24, Sunday
  • Phalguna Purnima- March 25, Monday

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