Surya Tilak: Sun rays to be directed on Lord Ram's head on auspicious occasion

This Surya Abhishek of Lord Ram will be done according to the formula of science.

Mridul Kapoor
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Courtesy: X/ramjanmabhoomitirthkshetra and Pinterest

On the auspicious occasion of Ram Navami, the birth anniversary of Shri Ramlala will be celebrated in the huge Ram temple in Ayodhya today, i.e., on Wednesday. In such a situation, this auspicious day is going to be very special for every Ram devotee. During this time, preparations are going on in full swing for Lord Shri Ram's Surya Tilak Abhishek on the occasion of his birth anniversary.

Lord Shri Ram will be born at noon on the day of Ramnavmi, after which the sun's rays will fall on his forehead. This Surya Abhishek of Lord Ram will be done according to the formula of science. Scientists have researched this thoroughly, and a trial was also conducted recently, which was successful. 

Process of Surya Tilak

The sunlight will fall on the first tarpan (mirror) installed on the third floor of the temple. From here, it will reflect and enter the brass pipe. After hitting the second mirror installed in the brass pipe, they will be reflected again at 90 degrees. Then, while going through the brass pipe, this ray will pass through three different lenses and will hit the mirror installed at the sanctum end of the long pipe. After hitting the glass installed in the sanctum sanctorum, the rays will directly apply a 75-mm circular tilak to the brain of Ramlala, and the light will remain constant for 4 minutes.

Confluence of spirituality and science

For the first time in Ayodhya, the confluence of spirituality and science will be seen. The model of Surya Abhishek in Shri Ram Temple through the law of light reflection has been prepared jointly by the science students and professors of Shri Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University. In this model, Surya Abhishek was done by using a bulb instead of the sun and reflecting the light through different lenses. The only difference in this model is that pipes have not been used in it, and bulbs have been used instead of the sun.