Maruti Suzuki's 7-seater EV all set for launch, will run 550 km on single charge; Check details

With its current portfolio comprising 17 models, Maruti aims to expand its offerings to 28 models by the end of the decade.

Mayank Kasyap
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New Delhi: Exciting news awaits electric car enthusiasts as Maruti Suzuki gears up to unveil its latest innovation - a 7-seater electric vehicle (EV) capable of covering an impressive 500 kilometers on a single charge. Recent revelations shed light on the details of this groundbreaking development.

Expansion of plans

In a bid to maintain its stronghold in the automotive market, Maruti Suzuki is set to introduce a slew of new Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs) in the forthcoming years. With its current portfolio comprising 17 models, Maruti aims to expand its offerings to 28 models by the end of the decade. The company's strategic focus encompasses a diverse range of vehicles, including internal combustion engine (ICE) variants, compressed natural gas (CNG) models, flex-fuel vehicles, ethanol-powered cars, hybrids, and electric vehicles (EVs).

Birth of an electric MPV

Amidst the burgeoning demand for electric mobility solutions, Maruti Suzuki is venturing into the realm of electric MPVs. Referred to internally as the YMC, this upcoming electric MPV will draw inspiration from Maruti's successful lineup of entry-level MPVs such as the Ertiga and XL6. Scheduled for a debut in the latter half of 2026, the electric MPV will share its powertrain and battery technology with the eVX compact electric SUV, marking Maruti's foray into the realm of electric MPVs.

Collaborative Innovation

Maruti's collaboration with Toyota has paved the way for the development of a versatile born-electric platform, capable of accommodating various body styles. This platform will underpin both the eVX SUV and the forthcoming electric MPV, providing consumers with a diverse array of options. While the eVX SUV is slated for a festive season launch later this year, the electric MPV is expected to hit the market approximately 18 months thereafter.

Offering a diverse range of options to choose from

With the introduction of the electric MPV, Maruti aims to cater to consumers seeking a versatile 3-row vehicle option. Bolstered by its existing lineup comprising the Ertiga, XL6, and Invicto MPV, Maruti is strategically positioning itself to tackle existing and emerging competitors in the market.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology

The forthcoming electric MPV is set to inherit the advanced battery pack and electric motor from the eVX SUV, offering consumers the choice between 40 kWh and 60 kWh battery configurations. With an estimated range of 550 kilometers, the electric MPV is poised to deliver unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Seizing the electric mobility frontier

While competitors like Tata and MG have made significant strides in the affordable EV segment, Maruti Suzuki is poised to make its mark with a lineup of born-electric EVs. By prioritizing the development of electric vehicles over conventional ICE-to-EV transformations, Maruti aims to carve a niche in the rapidly evolving electric mobility landscape.

As Maruti Suzuki prepares to unleash a wave of innovative electric vehicles, the automotive industry braces for a paradigm shift in the realm of sustainable mobility. With a diverse portfolio of EVs slated for release in the coming years, Maruti is well-positioned to emerge as a frontrunner in the electric mobility revolution.