'I am ready': Rahul Gandhi challenges PM Modi to debate | VIDEO

Despite his acceptance of the proposal, Gandhi cast doubt on Modi's readiness to engage in such a forum.

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In a bold move, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has once again thrown down the gauntlet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, daring him to engage in a public debate. Addressing a rally in New Delhi, Gandhi asserted his readiness for the debate, while expressing skepticism about Modi's willingness to participate.

During his speech, Gandhi highlighted the invitation extended by prominent figures for a public debate on key election issues. Despite his acceptance of the proposal, Gandhi cast doubt on Modi's readiness to engage in such a forum. He emphasized the importance of democratic dialogue and expressed his preparedness to debate Modi on any platform.

PM Modi's alleged reluctance

Gandhi suggested that Modi's refusal to accept the debate invitation stemmed from a desire to evade scrutiny, particularly regarding his relationship with industrialist Gautam Adani. Gandhi indicated that his first question to Modi would focus on this relationship, challenging the Prime Minister to provide clarity on the matter.

Casting doubt on Modi's claims

Gandhi countered Modi's recent accusations against the Congress party, particularly regarding alleged financial dealings with Adani and Ambani. He criticized Modi for raising these allegations without initiating any investigation, suggesting hypocrisy in the Prime Minister's rhetoric.

Election dynamics

The call for a public debate adds a new dimension to the electoral discourse, particularly concerning issues of crony capitalism and political transparency. Gandhi's challenge underscores the importance of accountability and open dialogue in the democratic process, while also highlighting the contentious relationship between the Congress and the ruling BJP.