Congress leader Pratap Singh Khachariyawas challenges ECI; asks to announce a reward to hack EVM

Pratap Singh Khachariyawas also asserted that the Election Commission should be transparent on this subject.

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Courtesy: ANI

Amid the counting of votes for Lok Sabha elections, Congress leader Pratap Singh Khachariyawas on Tuesday said that the Election Commissioner should announce a reward for hacking Electronic Voting Machine (EVMs) adding that if anyone successfully hacks the machine in front of the EC officials then this counting mechanism should be replaced immediately.

While speaking to ANI, Khachariyawas said "If so many questions are being raised on EVM, after these elections processes, Election Commission should come forward and place the EVM (before people) - that come and try to hack it in the presence of security in a hall. Who is uploading programming in the EVM? You don't give the same programming to the candidates."

He also asserted that the Election Commission should be transparent on this subject. 

Notably, the statement from Khachariyawas has come in light of the statement of the Election Commission in 2017, when it invited all the political parties to participate in the EVM challenge. Only two opposition parties, NCP and CPI(M) had accepted the challenge, however, they backed out from it in the later stages.

This has come amid rising concerns over the counting process after Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar on Monday assured that the entire counting mechanism is robust and the whole process is codified in a certain manner that no error can be found in the whole process.

Notably, the mammoth exercise of vote counting is going on for 543 Lok Sabha seats on June 4.