PM Modi declares his assets; Here's how much money he has

PM Modi's movable assets, totaling Rs 3.02 crore, along with a modest cash reserve of Rs 52,920, feature prominently in his affidavit.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi officially submitted his nomination for a third term in the Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency on Thursday. Accompanied by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, PM Modi presented his nomination in the presence of four approver. These approvers were Ganeshwar Shastri, Baijnath Patel, Lalchand Kushwaha, and Sanjay Sonkar. According to the affidavit filed alongside his nomination, PM Modi declared his movable assets to be approximately Rs 28 lakh, along with a modest cash reserve of Rs 52,920.

Moreover, he noted a remarkable increase of 52 percent in his wealth between 2019 and 2024. Interestingly, he does not hold any property or vehicle, emphasizing simplicity in his financial holdings.

PM Modi's income growth

A notable surge in taxable income from Rs 11 lakh in 2018-19 to Rs 23.5 lakh in 2022-23 shows PM Modi's financial trajectory over the years, indicative of his evolving economic status. PM Modi's investment strategy pivots around conventional options such as fixed deposits and National Savings Certificates (NSCs), reflecting a conservative approach to wealth management.

Here are the details:

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Preference for Fixed Deposits and NSCs

With significant holdings of Rs 2.85 crore in fixed deposit receipts (FDRs) and an additional investment of Rs 9.12 lakh in NSCs, PM Modi aligns with secure investment avenues to safeguard his financial interests. NSCs, known for their government-backed assurance and attractive interest rates, serve as a cornerstone of PM Modi's investment portfolio, resonating with his trust in stable and reliable assets.

How much wealth did he own in 2019?

In his 2019 election affidavit, PM Modi disclosed investments amounting to Rs 7.61 lakh in National Savings Certificates (NSCs) and Rs 1.28 crore in fixed deposits. Additionally, he declared an investment of Rs 20,000 in an L&T Infrastructure Bond, a tax-saving tool. However, the 2024 affidavit did not include any mention of investments in bonds.

Prime Minister Modi declared his mobile number and email ID in his election affidavit that he submitted on Tuesday to contest the Lok Sabha election from Varanasi.

PM Modi's is not on WhatsApp

However, his mobile number is not linked to WhatsApp. According to the TrueCaller app, the registered name for his mobile number is 'Pm Narendra Ji'. In his election affidavit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared his email address as [email protected]. It's worth noting that in his previous election affidavit, PM Modi also provided his mobile number and email address for public accessibility.