Shreyas Talpade suffered from heart attack due to Covid-19 vaccine? Here's what actor said

People are more worried now because AstraZeneca said Covishield vaccine might cause blood clots. 

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Several reports stated that more silent heart attacks are happening worlwide due to COVID-19. People are more worried now because AstraZeneca said Covishield vaccine might cause blood clots. 
Now, in a recent interview, Famous actor Shreyas Talpade opened up about his health and said he suffered a heart attack a heart attack last year. Fans were also very worried about the actor's health, but Shreyas recovered soon, which brought relief to the fans and his family. 

Shreyas Talpade on COVID vaccine

In a recent interview, Shreyas told that he suffered a heart attack due to the Covid-19 vaccine. The actor said that during the global pandemic, people got the Covid vaccine to avoid it, but since then such things are being seen among the young people, even those who are fit are dying suddenly.

The actor said that I am not a daily drinker, I do not even smoke, I drink maybe once a month or very limited. My cholesterol was mildly elevated and I was told it was normal and I was taking medicine for it and it came down to a great extent. Shreyas further said that when I am absolutely fine then how can I have a heart attack.

It can be side effects of vaccine

The actor further said that I feel that this could be due to the side effects of the vaccine. Since Covid, I started feeling tired and it is also true that we cannot deny the principle. I don't know whether it was Covid or the vaccine, but it is responsible for my current condition. We really don't, we don't know what's inside our bodies.

Shreyas said that I had heard about such things. I want to know what the vaccine has done to us. Unless I have any proof or facts, it is useless to say anything. When Shreyas had suffered a heart attack, he was shooting on that day, after which he told his wife that he was not feeling well and he was immediately taken to the hospital. 

Shreyas Talpade's work front

Meanwhile, on the work front, Shreyas Talpade is currently filming for his fourth release of the year and a new psychological thriller Kartam Bhugtam.