Watch video: Raveena Tandon allegedly attacked in Mumbai after accusations of reckless driving

The actress's vehicle collided with a family, comprising a mother, her daughter, and her niece, causing head and nose injuries.

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In a road rage incident that occurred late Saturday night in Bandra, Bollywood actress Raveena Tandon found herself amidst a mob attack. The altercation escalated when the actress's driver accidentally hit three individuals with the vehicle, causing injuries. The complainant accused the actress's driver of verbally and physically assaulting their family in a fit of road rage. Additionally, they alleged that Raveena Tandon, purportedly under the influence of alcohol, also engaged in physical altercations, particularly targeting a woman.

What's in viral video? 

In purported footage of the incident, Raveena Tandon can be seen appealing to the mob to refrain from harming anyone. She pleaded with them, saying, "I understand she's injured. Please refrain from harming my driver. I urge you, please desist." Despite her efforts to protect her driver, both Raveena Tandon and the driver faced repeated attacks from the mob. In the video, a member of the mob can be heard demanding accountability from the driver and accusing him of assault, citing their own injuries.

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Incident happened in Bandra

The complainant, identified as Mohammad from Bandra, alleged that Raveena Tandon, allegedly intoxicated, verbally abused and physically assaulted a woman. Despite lodging a complaint at the Khar police station, they claimed the authorities declined to file an FIR against the actress. According to police sources, the incident unfolded near Rizvi College on Carter Road in Bandra West, late Saturday night. The actress's vehicle collided with a family, comprising a mother, her daughter, and her niece, causing head and nose injuries.

Police is currently investigating matter

Subsequently, a confrontation ensued between the parties involved, with the complainant accusing the actress's driver of initiating verbal and physical assaults on their family members. This prompted a gathering of bystanders, culminating in an assault on the driver by the assembled mob. Meanwhile, Raveena Tandon emerged from the vehicle to intervene and protect her driver. However, she also became a target of the mob's aggression. Despite her appeals for calm and non-violence, the assault against her persisted, with the complainant further alleging her involvement under the influence of alcohol.

The Khar police are currently conducting investigations into the matter.