Elon Musk's associates felt pressured to use drugs just to avoid upsetting him

Many of the directors and board members at Elon Musk's companies feel compelled to either partake in or overlook his substance use in order to maintain proximity to the billionaire.

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Elon Musk's friends and business partners feel pressured to use illicit drugs with the billionaire tech mogul to maintain proximity and favour, according to an explosive report in The Wall Street Journal.

Citing anonymous sources, the report alleges Mr Musk has been seen ingesting ketamine and liquid ecstasy at parties. Those around him, including directors and investors at his companies Tesla and SpaceX, are expected to partake or enable his substance use to stay in his inner circle.

Among those named are venture capitalists Antonio Gracias and Ira Ehrenpreis, tech tycoon Larry Ellison, former media boss James Murdoch and Mr Musk's own brother Kimbal.

At upscale gatherings in Austin, Mr Musk allegedly used ketamine multiple times via a nasal spray alongside Tesla board member and Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia. In Mexico, he has attended drug-fuelled events at Hotel El Ganzo with his brother and other associates.

Per the report, Mr Musk's business partners fear losing their status and riches if they refuse drugs and upset the mercurial billionaire. Some directors at Tesla and SpaceX allegedly know of his illegal activities but have not acted.

Earlier reports alleged Musk's extensive substance abuse includes cocaine, LSD and magic mushrooms in violation of anti-drug policies at his own firms. But those around him feel pressure to participate or stay silent to remain in his favour.