Following cancer diagnosis, King Charles reportedly plans for future of the crown

Earlier this month, King Charles III received a cancer diagnosis, which was revealed during his hospital treatment for an unrelated matter.

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According to a report by the Mirror, King Charles III is reportedly engaged in formulating his succession plan, and indications suggest that his son, Prince William, may play a key role. However, the details of this plan are being deliberately kept concealed from the King's second son, Prince Harry. The monarch's recent diagnosis of cancer has added a layer of urgency to the succession planning process.

Royal expert and author Tom Quinn, cited in the report, highlighted the centrality of Prince Charles in the succession planning, noting that "Charles is also aware that, as the future king, William is at the heart of the succession planning that is taking place right now." Quinn indicated that the assumption of Charles remaining healthy into his mid-eighties before initiating succession planning has been disrupted by the current circumstances, hinting at the severity of Charles' cancer. Quinn also pointed out the lack of trust in Prince Harry's involvement in the confidential process, attributing it to Harry's past media interviews and criticisms of the Royal Family in his memoir, "Spare."

Quinn emphasized the secretive nature of succession planning, stating, "Succession planning is highly secret and no one trusts Harry to be part of it for the simple reason that if he feels in any way slighted or not given what he feels he deserves he will run straight to the media."

Amidst these revelations, Prince Harry, in a recent statement, expressed gratitude for seeing his father earlier this month and professed his love for the family. Despite the reported distrust, there are claims that Harry is willing to assist the Royal Family following his father's diagnosis, and he has confirmed plans for future visits to the UK.

The disclosure of Harry's memoir, "Spare," took place during a visit to Britain for his grandfather's funeral in April 2021, as revealed by the New York Times. The memoir is intended to communicate the reasons behind his and Meghan's move to California, addressing the lack of understanding within the family. The book explores Harry's intricate relationship with his brother, Prince William, and includes criticisms of his father. Furthermore, Harry and Meghan had previously aired critiques of the royal family in their Netflix docuseries.

Prince Harry and Meghan made headlines in 2020 when they departed Britain and settled in California, USA. The dynamics within the Royal Family continue to attract attention amidst the unfolding developments in the succession plan and Prince Charles' health.