Israel Hamas conflict: IDF launches major offensive on Khan Yunis, last refugee hospital may not survive | VIDEO

Israel Hamas conflict: The largest city in southern Gaza, Khan Yunis, witnessed intense overnight airstrikes and fierce clashes between Israeli forces and Hamas militants.

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Israel Hamas conflict: In a significant development in the Gaza conflict, Israeli forces initiated a major offensive on Khan Yunis, marking a crucial turn in the ongoing war. The attack unfolded early on Monday, intensifying the already volatile situation in the region. This assault took place amid desperate pleas from families of hostages held by Hamas, urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to negotiate for their safe release.

Israel Hamas conflict: Violence erupts in Khan Yunis

The largest city in southern Gaza, Khan Yunis, witnessed intense overnight airstrikes and fierce clashes between Israeli forces and Hamas militants. Netanyahu has declared a commitment to achieving "complete victory" against Hamas, particularly in response to the group's October 7 attacks. According to an AFP compilation of official Israeli data, these attacks resulted in around 1,140 fatalities, predominantly civilians.

Meanwhile, earlier today Israel's prime ministr Benjamin Netanyahu met with the representatoves of the hostage families. He said, "Contrary to what is said – there is no genuine proposal by Hamas, this is not true. I will say this as clearly as I can. On the other hand, there is our initiative, which I will not detail."

An X user Trey Yingst, who was wearing a jacket with 'PRESS' written on it spoke from the ground with just debris and half standing buildings that wererazed down by the Israeli offensive. Watch what he has to say.

Israel Hamas conflict: Regional destabilisation concerns rise

The escalation of Israel Hamas conflict has raised concerns about further destabilization in the region. Sirens have become a recurring sound in northern Israel, near the Lebanese frontier. The Israeli military has reported ongoing skirmishes with the Iran-aligned Hezbollah faction in Lebanon, underscoring the broader implications of the crisis.

Israel Hamas conflict: Over 25,000 lost lives in Gaza

On Sunday, violence in Gaza reached a new peak, with Israeli assaults and street conflicts engulfing the region. Palestinian health authorities reported a death toll exceeding 25,000 from Israeli strikes since the conflict's onset in October. The past 24 hours alone witnessed one of the deadliest phases, with 178 Palestinians losing their lives. The Israeli military, in contrast, reported the death of one soldier in the clashes.

Meanwhile, another X user Younis Tirawi shared another video with the caption saying that the Israeli soldiers were shelling on residential establishments and civilians in the vicinity. The user wrote, "Of course, this is not an engagement, you don’t turn your phone camera on while fighting."

Israel Hamas conflict: Israel's strategy shift

After three months of intense fighting, Israel and the United States are reassessing their expectations regarding the Gaza conflict. According to US intelligence estimates cited by the Wall Street Journal, Israel has eliminated approximately 20% to 30% of Hamas' combatants since the conflict's initiation on October 7.

Israel Hamas conflict: Hamas is resilient

The resilience of Hamas has prompted a reevaluation of Israel's goals in the conflict. Despite aggressive air and ground campaigns that have resulted in thousands of civilian casualties, Israel acknowledges it hasn't achieved the intended goal of destroying Hamas. The group's fighters have adapted their tactics, operating in smaller groups and strategically engaging Israeli troops.

Meanwhile, some users also shared videos from the hospital where the injured who fended in the shellings by the Israeli forces were being rushed in a hope to be saved.

Prolonged and Uncertain War Ahead

Israel has withdrawn troops from Gaza, transitioning to a more surgical phase of the war following US pressure. However, military officials anticipate that the conflict could endure for several more months. Hamas's survival has led to questions about Israel's ability to achieve its war aims, prompting a reconsideration of strategy within the Biden administration.

As the situation in Gaza remains fluid, the international community closely watches the evolving dynamics and the potential for a prolonged and uncertain war.

Meanwhile, another journalist covering the Gaza massacre posted a video on social media platform X, where she claimed that the last functioning hospital of the refugee camp and is about to be invaded. She wrote, "Share this! it might be my last video! they are carpet bombing Khan Younis refugee camp and their the last functioning hospital (Nasser Medical Complex) is about to be invaded!"