'People shouldn't have to pay...': Maldivian MP takes dig at President Muizzu after 14-yr-old died due to...

A 14-year-old boy in the Maldives died on Saturday after President Mohammed Muizzu allegedly refused approval for using an Indian-provided Dornier aircraft for his airlift.

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Tensions between India and the Maldives escalated this weekend amid the ongoing diplomatic rift. Meanwhile, a tragic incident happened when a 14-year-old boy died in the Maldives on Saturday, allegedly after President Mohammed Muizzu refused to approve to use of the Dornier aircraft provided by India for his airlift, Maldivian media reported.

Maldivian teen dies, here’s how… 

The teenage boy suffered a stroke due to a brain tumor on Thursday and urgently required transport from his home island of Gaaf Alif Villingili to the capital Male for treatment.

However, according to the boy's family, their pleas for an emergency airlift went unanswered for 16 hours before the boy finally reached Male’s hospital, where he passed away on Saturday.

The family and opposition leaders accuse Muizzu of intentionally delaying approval for the Indian-donated Dornier aircraft to transport the sick child as retaliation after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi condemned derogatory remarks made by Maldivian ministers last month.

India-Maldives row

Amid the diplomatic spat, Muizzu has vowed to end the Maldives’ security cooperation with India and strengthen ties with China instead. The child’s death highlights the human impact of the president’s political posturing, said MP Meekail Naseem.

“People shouldn’t have to pay with their lives to satisfy the President’s animosity towards India,” Naseem stated.

The Maldivian company responsible for medical evacuations claims there were simply “technical issues” with the planned flight for the boy. But the incident shows how civilians are caught in the middle of the unraveling relationship between the Indian and Maldivian governments.