UAE-based Kerala man wins ₹33 crore lottery using kids' birthdays

The jackpot winner Rajeev Arikatt, an architectural draftsman, will split the winnings equally with 19 co-workers who went in with him on the lucky ticket.

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An Indian man living in the United Arab Emirates has won a staggering 15 million dirhams (Rs 33 crore) in the Abu Dhabi Big Ticket raffle draw, thanks to some lucky numbers based on his children's birthdays.

40-year-old Malayalee Rajeev Arikkatt, an architectural draftsman residing in Al Ain for 10 years, hit the enormous jackpot on Monday with a free ticket numbered 037130. This was Rajeev's first Big Ticket win in three years of entering.

Rajeev's wife helped select the ticket, choosing the numbers 7 and 13 representing their two children's birth dates. Though Rajeev had six tickets in the draw, his free one proved fortuitous. "I got a special offer from Big Ticket, receiving four tickets for free when I purchased two," he explained.

However, Rajeev will share the 15 million dirham windfall equally with 19 others. Two of the tickets were collectively paid for by the group.

The long-running Big Ticket Abu Dhabi raffle draw at Abu Dhabi International Airport remains extremely popular for offering life-changing prizes. Rajeev's big win proves lucky numbers can come from special family dates.