US Elections 2024: Why has Boris Johnson endorsed Donald Trump's presidency in 2024?

US Elections 2024: Johnson, in his column, addressed what he referred to as the concerns of the "global wokerati" who reportedly fear a Trump victory.

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Courtesy: ANI

US Elections 2024: Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has thrown his weight behind Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election, asserting that the return of the former president to the White House could be "just what the world needs." Johnson outlined his views in his weekly column for the Daily Mail, suggesting that Trump's leadership, particularly if he supports Ukraine in its conflict with Russia, could bring about positive global outcomes.

US Elections 2024: A potential triumph for global stability

Johnson articulated in his column that if Trump backs Ukraine against Russia, it could result in a substantial victory for the international community. Despite Trump's previous statements raising doubts about continued US support for Kyiv, Johnson expressed optimism, stating, "I simply cannot believe that Trump will ditch the Ukrainians."

The former prime minister proposed that Trump, recognising the lack of a viable deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin, might intensify efforts to assist Ukraine in winning the conflict. Johnson believes that under Trump's leadership, the Western world could become stronger, fostering global stability.

US Elections 2024: Ukrainian president's invitation to Trump

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy extended an invitation to Trump to visit Kyiv, expressing hope that the former president could potentially contribute to ending the war. In his interview with Channel 4 News, Zelenskyy stated, "If you can stop the war during 24 hours, I think it will be enough to come to Kyiv, on any day I am here."

US Elections 2024: Johnson invokes concerns for 'Global Wokerati'

Johnson, in his column, addressed what he referred to as the concerns of the "global wokerati" who reportedly fear a Trump victory. He remarked on the purported unease among the global elite, particularly in Davos, suggesting that a Trump win would not align with their ideologies.

US Elections 2024: Trump's controversies, US-UK trade deal hopes

While acknowledging that Trump has made "unguarded" statements and faces legal challenges, Johnson argued that the world currently requires a US leader with a willingness to use force and unpredictability as a deterrent. He also highlighted Trump's interest in pursuing a "proper free trade deal" with Britain, emphasising the potential for enhanced trade relations.

In the complex landscape of international politics, Johnson's endorsement of Trump reflects a perspective that prioritises perceived strength and unpredictability as tools for safeguarding Western interests.