'Mujhe jaana itna bhi zaroori nahi' Neha Rathore expresses outrage at Manish Kashyap's words, posts old video in response

Neha Rathore has posted on X regarding Manish Kashyap's statement of not recognizing Neha Rathore.

Shantanu Poswal
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Manish Kashyap recently made headlines by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). His membership was granted at the BJP headquarters in Delhi by MP Manoj Tiwari. Previously, he had announced his intention to contest the Lok Sabha elections from the Western Champaran seat, but he later decided against entering the electoral fray.

Controversy Surrounding Neha Rathore

In a recent interview on India Daily Live, Manish Kashyap was asked about Neha Rathore. However, he denied knowing Neha Singh Rathore, stating, "I don't know who Neha Singh Rathore is. I am from Uttar Pradesh, I am a Baba, I am Kashi Vishwanath, but I don't know any Neha Singh Rathore."

Neha Singh's Response on Twitter

Following Manish Kashyap's statements about her in the interview, Neha Rathore took to Twitter to express her thoughts. She tweeted against him, saying, "Is there a new trend of embarrassing oneself by telling lies about not recognising me? Do I need to know you that much, brother! I am a normal girl from a middle-class family. But if you tell such blatant lies, it's going to be funny!"

Kashyap's Time in Jail

Manish Kashyap faced legal troubles in the past. When the police initiated a case against him, he surrendered at the local police station. The EOU team took charge of the case, interrogated Manish, and subsequently sent him to jail. Later, a Tamil Nadu Police team arrived in Patna, and on March 30, 2023, they took custody of Manish Kashyap on transit remand and brought him to Tamil Nadu. He remained in jail for about 9 months.