'We neither obstruct nor direct,' PM Modi addresses alleged misuse of central agencies

During an interview with Thanthi TV, Prime Minister Narendra Modi rejected the opposition's accusation that the agencies were exclusively focusing on leaders not affiliated with the BJP.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi refuted opposition claims that central agencies, especially the Enforcement Directorate (ED), were biassed in their actions against opposition figures, emphasising that these agencies function independently. In an interview with Tamil Nadu-based Thanthi TV, he stated, "We neither obstruct nor direct their actions. They work independently, and this is evaluated by the scales of the judiciary."

Addressing the criticism regarding political targeting, PM Modi highlighted that less than 3% of the ED's approximately 7,000 ongoing cases were related to politicians. He contrasted this with the previous administration, noting that during their tenure, only ₹35 lakh was seized, whereas under the current government, ₹2200 crore has been confiscated.

Responding to allegations that the ED's actions favoured the ruling BJP, PM Modi underscored that the agency's procedures remained consistent regardless of political affiliation. He explained, "The ED cannot initiate any case on its own; various departments need to file the cases first, then the ED takes action." He also mentioned attempts to influence the PMLA law and judiciary, implying a strategy to undermine anti-corruption efforts.

The BJP has faced accusations of closing cases against opposition figures who join their ranks, leading to taunts of being labelled a "washing machine" party. Instances such as the arrest of former Jharkhand chief minister Hemant Soren and Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal by the ED have fueled these criticisms, further intensifying political debates around law enforcement actions and party affiliations.