'Will end Lawrence Bishnoi': Maharashtra CM Shinde vows action against 'gangs' after meeting Salman Khan

Attack on Salman Khan: Eknath Shinde affirmed that the culprits behind the incident had been apprehended and would face thorough interrogation.

Prateek Gautam
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Attack on Salman Khan: Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde paid a visit to actor Salman Khan following recent security concerns after shots were fired outside Khan's residence in Mumbai's Bandra. The meeting, held this afternoon, witnessed heightened security arrangements around the actor's home.

Assurance of Government Support

After meeting Salman Khan, Chief Minister Shinde reassured the actor of the government's unwavering support. He affirmed that the culprits behind the incident had been apprehended and would face thorough interrogation. Shinde vowed to uncover the truth and ensure justice, emphasizing that such targeted attacks would not be tolerated.

Pledge to Tackle Gang Violence

Expressing firm resolve, Eknath Shinde declared a crackdown on gang-related activities, particularly targeting Lawrence Bishnoi. He asserted that gang conflicts and violence would be decisively addressed, with stringent measures implemented to curb criminal activities.

Incident Overview

The incident occurred early Sunday morning when two individuals on a motorcycle fired multiple rounds outside Bandra's Galaxy Apartments, Khan's residential complex. The suspects, apprehended subsequently, are believed to be associated with the notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi.

Gang Affiliation and Arrest

The arrested individuals, identified as members of Lawrence Bishnoi's gang, were captured on CCTV cameras wearing disguises as they fired shots towards Khan's residence. Lawrence Bishnoi, known for his involvement in various criminal activities, is presently incarcerated in Tihar Jail.

Government Intervention and Enhanced Security

Prior to the visit, Chief Minister Shinde had conversed with Salman Khan over the phone and liaised with the Mumbai Police Commissioner to bolster the actor's security arrangements. Salman Khan's security level was elevated to Y-Plus in November 2022 due to perceived threats from Lawrence Bishnoi and Goldy Brar. Additionally, the actor is authorized to carry a personal firearm and has access to an armoured vehicle for added protection.

The meeting between Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Salman Khan underscores the government's commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its citizens, particularly high-profile individuals facing threats from criminal elements. The resolve to combat gang violence and hold perpetrators accountable reflects a proactive stance towards maintaining law and order in the region.