Arson, violence erupt in Chattisgarh over demolition of religious place | Disturbing video surfaces

Protesters burned down the District Superintendent of Police's office in Balodabazar, Chhattisgarh.

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Following a demonstration today against alleged damage to the Satnami Community's religious site, violence broke out in Balodabazar. During the unrest, there were reports of stone-pelting and arson; cars were set on fire and government buildings were vandalized.

The vandalism in Jaitkhambh, close to the revered Amar Gufa of Girodpuri Dham, has infuriated the Satnami people of Chhattisgarh. Today, the neighborhood of Balodabazar made a commotion. Large-scale protests took place at Bhatapara and Balodabazar. The Collector's Office and the Superintendent of Police's Office were set on fire by the violent mob during this time. As a result, hundreds of four-wheelers and motorcycles that were parked on the property burned to the ground.

Horrific happening

Conversely, a judicial investigation will be conducted on the vandalism that occurred at Jaitkhambh, close to the revered Amar Gufa of Girodpuri Dham. Deputy Chief Minister and Home Minister Vijay Sharma announced a judicial investigation into Chief Minister Vishnudev Sai's orders. The announcement to carry out the investigation was made in response to requests from a number of organizations and Satnami community members. Incidents that jeopardize social harmony will not be accepted anywhere in the state, according to Deputy Chief Minister Sharma. Those who commit such crimes will face harsh consequences. In addition, he urged everyone to uphold social harmony. We would like to inform you that on the evening of May 15–16, some antisocial elements attempted to cause damage to the Jaitkhambh.

This went down in Chattisgarh

There are rumors that on the evening of May 15–16, some antisocial individuals attempted to cause damage to the Jaitkhambh located next to the revered Amar Gufa of Girodpuri Dham. In this instance, the police made three arrests. However, the societal consensus is that there are numerous other unnamed suspects in this case who ought to be taken into custody. The state government has also declared a judicial inquiry in response to public demand.

Over 250 automobiles were set ablaze. A large number of four-wheelers caught fire. They even set fire to a fire engine. The collectorate was stoned by the enraged crowd. In some way, the cops scattered the crowd. Both the collector and the SP were there. There are attempts to manage the circumstances. A larger police contingent from Raipur has been sent to the Balodabazar Collectorate to address a violent protest by a specific community. In addition, a riot control squad and a tear gas team have been sent out. The demonstrators are out of control of the cops. 

The Satnami community's past  

The Satnami community has thousands of members in Chhattisgarh. The Satnami group has constructed Jaitkham, their sacred emblem, in Raipur and a number of the surrounding districts and villages. The residents of the community worship Jaitkham, the sacred sign, on a daily basis. Everywhere in the state where members of the Satnami community reside, Jaitkham is constructed. In the capital Raipur alone, members of the Satnami community have constructed around 100 Jaitkhams. A white flag is flying atop the Jaitkham. Baba Guru Ghasidas is the Satnami community's guru.

Official statements are out!

In Chhattisgarh, regarding the violence in Balodabazar, SSP Sadanand Kumar addressed the situation, stating that despite assurances, including written commitments for a peaceful event, the situation escalated beyond control. He emphasized that adequate police arrangements were in place, with barricades set up at four locations, yet the group managed to breach these defenses via an alternate route, leading to confrontations with law enforcement, including stone pelting and injuries to several officers. The protesters also trespassed into the Collectorate premises, causing damage and setting vehicles on fire, although the fire was swiftly contained. Incidents of violence were also reported elsewhere in the city, but authorities managed to restore order. SSP Sadanand Kumar assured that strict actions would be taken, backed by evidence including photos and videos, to address the situation effectively.

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