BJP refutes Rahul Gandhi's claims on Narendra Modi's caste status

BJP IT cell in-charge Amit Malviya has highlighted the gazette notification dated October 27, 1999, as proof of PM Modi's OBC status.

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Courtesy: Sansad TV

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has vehemently refuted allegations made by Rahul Gandhi regarding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's caste status, presenting evidence to counter the claims. The BJP asserted that PM Modi's caste, Modh Ghanchi, was designated as Other Backward Class (OBC) in 1999, two years prior to his assumption of the chief ministerial role in Gujarat.

Responding to Rahul Gandhi's assertions made in Odisha, BJP IT cell in-charge Amit Malviya highlighted the gazette notification dated October 27, 1999, as proof of PM Modi's OBC status. Malviya denounced Gandhi's claims as ‘blatant lies’ and accused the Nehru-Gandhi family of historically opposing OBC interests.

Rahul Gandhi's criticism emerged amidst Congress's call for a caste census, with PM Modi countering by accusing the Congress of anti-Dalit sentiment. PM Modi referenced a letter penned by Jawaharlal Nehru to chief ministers, suggesting Nehru's opposition to reservations for tribals and Dalits in government employment.

Gandhi alleged that PM Modi had manipulated his caste status to benefit politically, asserting that he was originally born into the Ghanchi caste, which was included in the OBC list during the BJP government's tenure in Gujarat in 2000. However, BJP's rebuttal cited historical records to demonstrate that PM Modi's caste had been recognized as OBC even prior to his political ascension.

This isn't the first instance of the Congress raising questions about PM Modi's caste status, as similar claims surfaced in 2014 prior to his first term as prime minister. However, historical documentation, including notifications by the Gujarat government and the Government of India, supports PM Modi's OBC classification.

The BJP emphasized that PM Modi's caste inclusion occurred during the tenure of a Congress-led government in Gujarat, further debunking the allegations of political manipulation. The party asserted that PM Modi's OBC status was established well before he assumed any executive office, underscoring the factual accuracy of his classification.

In light of the evidence presented, the BJP reiterates its stance against baseless accusations and reaffirms PM Modi's legitimate OBC status, urging political discourse to focus on substantive issues rather than engaging in misinformation campaigns.