Boyfriend mixes intoxicating medicine in cold drink, then does this INHUMAN act

The victim stated on her application that she had visited the doctor to have her sister's ear examined and that it was there that she made the acquaintance of a young compounder.

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The scorching summer sun drives many to seek refuge in the icy coolness of cold drinks. Yet, for one unsuspecting girl, a simple sip became the catalyst for a distressing ordeal, all at the hands of her own boyfriend in Bihar's Bhagalpur. In the tranquil neighborhood of Akbarnagar, a chance encounter at a local doctor's office sparked an unlikely friendship between a girl and a compounder. What began as casual banter soon evolved into deeper conversations, fostering a budding romance between the two.

The deceptive invitation

During a routine visit to her aunt's place in Tatarpur, the girl's boyfriend extended an invitation for a leisurely stroll near the station. Trustingly, she accepted, oblivious to the sinister intentions brewing beneath the surface. As the sun beat down relentlessly, her boyfriend offered her a refreshing cold drink, ostensibly to alleviate the heat. Unsuspecting, she took a sip, unaware of the nefarious concoction lurking within—a potent mix of intoxicants that would soon render her helpless and disoriented.

Empty promises of boyfriend

Awakening near Ultapul, her sense of security shattered as she confronted her boyfriend. The victim stated, "When he came back to leave the station, I felt that I had been raped. When I asked my lover, he said, No problem, I will marry you." Little did she know about the betrayal. When she reached home, her family asked why she came late. Then she revealed the ordeal and told everything, after which my family went to his house. When his family did not agree for maarigae, the villagers were informed, after which a panchayat was held. It took 5 days, but then he refused to marry. 

With support from her family, the girl pursued legal avenues in her quest for justice. Despite attempts at reconciliation through village councils, the promises of marriage proved hollow, leaving her shattered and betrayed.

Authorities respond

Upon learning of the distressing incident, SSP Anand Kumar ordered a thorough investigation and promised the accused would be arrested soon. His assurance offered a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness of betrayal and shattered trust.