Breaking! Bomb scare in over 100 Delhi-NCR schools; Emails traced to Russia

Authorities swiftly deployed police personnel, bomb disposal squads, and fire tenders to the location following bomb threats received by three schools in the national capital.

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Courtesy: DPS

On Wednesday morning, authorities in Delhi reported that more than 50 schools had received bomb threats via email. Among the targeted institutions were Mother Mary School in Mayur Vihar, Delhi Public School in Dwarka, Sanskriti School in Chanakyapuri, and DPS Noida, Amity School. Upon receiving the threatening emails, local police were immediately alerted, prompting the evacuation of the school premises.

Officials swiftly mobilised a bomb detection team, bomb disposal squad, and personnel from the Delhi Fire Service to respond to the potential threat. A police officer overseeing the situation confirmed that a search operation was underway at the schools to ensure the safety and security of students, staff, and faculty members. The seriousness of the situation was underscored by the coordinated effort to thoroughly investigate and address the bomb threats.


Updated (1st May 2024; 10:20 AM IST) 

The Delhi Police issued a statement revealing that a bomb threat targeted Delhi Public School, Dwarka. Responding swiftly, the Delhi Police, along with bomb disposal squads and fire tenders, rushed to the scene where a search operation is currently underway. Simultaneously, Mother Mary School in Mayur Vihar, Amity Saket, and Sanskriti School also reported receiving similar threats.

According to the Delhi Police, "This morning, an email threat concerning a bomb blast at Mother Mary School in Mayur Vihar, East Delhi, was received. As a precautionary measure, the school premises were evacuated, and a thorough search operation commenced."

Mass email threat to multiple schools

DCP South West, Rohit Meena, addressed the bomb threat situation across several schools in Delhi-NCR, stating, "We were informed that at around 4:15 AM, a mass email containing bomb threats was sent to multiple schools. Immediate action was taken, leading to the closure of schools and the safe return of students to their homes. Our teams are conducting meticulous inspections at all school premises, while our technical branch is actively investigating the origin of the email. Although it appears to be a mass email, I urge students and parents to remain calm; there is no cause for panic. We are maintaining close communication with the school administration."

Some of the schools affected in Delhi-Noida are as follows:

- DPS School in Dwarka
- DPS School in Rohini
- DPS School in Vasant Kunj
- DPS School in Noida
- DAV School in South West Delhi
- DAV School in East Delhi
- DAV School in Pitampura
- Sanskriti School in New Delhi
- Mother Mary School in Mayur Vihar
- Amity School in Pushp Vihar
- Green Valley School in Najafgarh


Updated (1st May 2024; 11:15 AM IST) 

what do we know so far? 

A series of bomb threat emails sent to multiple schools in Delhi-NCR caused a stir on Wednesday morning, prompting swift action from authorities.

Following the alarming messages, bomb detection units, disposal teams, and personnel from the Delhi Fire Service were mobilised to conduct thorough search operations at the affected schools. Among the targeted institutions were Mother Mary's School in Mayur Vihar, Amity School in Saket and Pushp Vihar, various DPS campuses, and Sanskriti School.

Pattern of Threats Emerges

Initial investigations have revealed a concerning pattern, with similar threatening emails sent to various locations since the previous day. This pattern suggests a coordinated effort behind the threats, raising serious security concerns.

As a precautionary measure, schools took swift action to ensure the safety of students and staff. They promptly closed their premises and sent students home, prioritizing their well-being amidst the ongoing threat situation.

Delhi LG Demands Action

Delhi's Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena expressed deep concern over the incidents, demanding a detailed report from the police. In a statement, he said, “Spoke to the Police Commissioner and sought a detailed report into the bomb threats at schools in Delhi-NCR. Directed Delhi Police to carry out a thorough search in school premises, identify the culprits & ensure there are no lapses.”

Appeal for Calm and Cooperation

Urging parents not to panic, Saxena called for cooperation with the administration to ensure the safety of schools and children. He assured that those responsible for the threats would face legal consequences, emphasising a zero-tolerance approach towards such criminal acts.


Updated (1st May 2024; 01:51PM IST) 

Email Traced to Russia; Indicate Sources

Sources revealed that initial investigations have traced the IP address used to send the threatening emails to Russia. The Delhi Police expressed suspicion that the IP address might have been concealed using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

According to sources familiar with the matter, "The server linked to the IP address responsible for sending the emails is situated overseas, and the Russian language was detected in the IP address."

Official Statements from Authorities

In response to the situation, the Ministry of Home Affairs issued a statement categorising the emails as likely hoaxes, aiming to assuage public concerns. The statement emphasised, "There is no need for alarm. The emails seem unfounded. The Delhi Police and relevant security agencies are following established protocols to address the situation."

Delhi Police's Vigilance

Delhi Police, in their assessment, carried out comprehensive checks across all affected schools. They emphasised that these emails were designed to instill fear and panic.

The Delhi Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) affirmed, "We have thoroughly inspected all the mentioned schools as per standard procedures. No incriminating evidence has been discovered thus far. It appears that these communications were intended to cause alarm and are likely hoaxes."