CISF guard's fortune changes with 1 lakh reward for slapping Kangana

A businessman from Punjab is set to reward the female guard with ₹1 lakh. The incident occurred today at Chandigarh Airport involving actress and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut, which left many shocked.

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At Chandigarh Airport, a startling event unfolded involving Bollywood actress and BJP MP Kangana Ranaut. A female CISF guard unexpectedly slapped Kangana, and the incident was captured on video, which rapidly went viral online. This altercation has led to significant repercussions for the guard involved.

Suspension of CISF Guard

Kulwinder Kaur, the CISF female guard who slapped Kangana Ranaut, faced suspension following an initial investigation. A video surfaced in which Kulwinder explained her actions. In the footage, she cited Kangana's controversial statement during the farmers' protest, where the actress allegedly implied that women were protesting for just ₹100. Kulwinder revealed that her own mother was part of the protest, which triggered her reaction.


Businessman Pledges Financial Support

Following the incident, a businessman from Mohali, Shivraj Singh Bains, announced in a video that he would reward Kulwinder Kaur with ₹1 lakh for her actions. Concurrently, Kangana Ranaut addressed her fans via an Instagram story, assuring them of her safety and well-being. She clarified that the incident occurred during a routine security check at Chandigarh Airport.