Couple's guest house stay ends horrifically; hotel staff finds THIS in room

A sensational case has emerged from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. A couple had come to stay at the Red Line Guest House in Chinhat. The boyfriend had been staying there for three days prior.

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A shocking incident emerged from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, where a man allegedly murdered his girlfriend at a guest house in Chinhat. The couple had checked into the Red Line Guest House, with the man arriving three days prior. On June 3, his girlfriend joined him in the room. However, two days later, a foul smell began emanating from the room, prompting the staff to break down the door. To their horror, they found the woman’s decomposing body on the bed.

Tragic Discovery

Tribhuvan Singh, hailing from Barabanki, allegedly strangled his girlfriend, Kamini Rawat, aged 23, on June 3 before fleeing the scene, locking the room behind him. When staff broke into the room on Thursday afternoon due to the stench, they found Kamini’s bloated corpse on the bed. Tribhuvan had been staying at the hotel since May 30, and Kamini had joined him on June 3.

Mystery of Tribhuvan's Death

Upon investigation, police discovered that Tribhuvan’s body was found on June 4 near a railway track in Barabanki. Initially believed to have been hit by a train, his family had performed his last rites, assuming it was an accident. However, with Kamini’s body now found, police suspect that Tribhuvan murdered Kamini and then committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. Both Chinhat and Barabanki police are probing the case.

Kamini's Family's Search

According to Chinhat Inspector Ashwani Chaturvedi, both Tribhuvan and Kamini were residents of Aurangabad in Barabanki and had known each other for a long time. Guest house records show Tribhuvan checked in on May 30 and mentioned that an acquaintance would join him on June 3. Both had registered with accurate addresses, aiding in their identification. Kamini’s father, Ramkuber, informed the police that Kamini had left home without informing anyone, and her disappearance had been reported at Jahangirabad police station. Her family had been searching for her for three days before receiving news of her death.

Staff Negligence

Police questioned the guest house manager about the locked room, noting that neither Tribhuvan nor Kamini had been seen since June 3. Staff admitted that they did not think to investigate the locked room until the smell became noticeable. The staff was unaware of Tribhuvan's death until informed by the police, who confirmed that his body was found on the railway tracks on June 4.

Investigation Continues

Barabanki police had initially contacted Tribhuvan’s family after discovering his body. His relatives mentioned that Tribhuvan had left home on June 3 for some urgent work in Lucknow. However, the exact circumstances of his death remain unclear. GRP Inspector Devendra Dwivedi stated that it was not yet confirmed whether Tribhuvan accidentally got hit by a train or committed suicide by jumping in front of it. Chinhat police now believe that Tribhuvan killed Kamini and then took his own life.

Dispute Over Marriage

Some locals informed Chinhat police that Tribhuvan and Kamini had a disagreement over getting married soon, leading to a fallout. On June 3, when Kamini came to the room, an argument ensued, resulting in Tribhuvan allegedly strangling her to death. It is believed that this dispute over marriage prompted the tragic sequence of events.