Culinary controversy? Mamata to offer Chingri Malai Curry in dinner to Modi, raises questions, inquiry on her offerings!

At a recent election rally in Kolkata, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee—who is renowned for dressing like a chef—ranted through a variety of appetizing meals in an apparent jab at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, recited the names one after another like a seasoned server at a busy restaurant. The Trinamool leader was speaking at an election rally in Kolkata, not entertaining guests for a formal dinner.  The more people attempt to avoid talking about politics when it comes to food, the more it permeates the conversation. 

Cuisine raises questions? 

There is a lot of discussion over non-vegetarian cuisine and dietary restrictions leading up to the 2024 Lok Sabha election. Prime Minister Narendra Modi began by interrogating Tejashwi Yadav, the head of the RJD, on his purported consumption of fish during the Navratras. How were Mamata and the Congress of Trinamool going to let the ladle go? Even though it is been a few weeks, Mamata still enjoys taking advantage of Bengalis' passion for food. She rattled off the names of the dishes because of this. Here's some background on food politics and Mamata Banerjee's culinary endeavors before we take you on a gourmet adventure.

TMC's Mamata invites BJP's Modi for dinner!

Speaking on Monday at an election rally in Kolkata, Mamata Banerjee retaliated against the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) by offering to "prepare meals" for Prime Minister Modi and claimed they were meddling in people's eating habits. Mamata, who had been observed preparing a few meals here and there, questioned, "Modi Babu, would you try the food I cook for you?" "I have been cooking since I was a young child. My food has been acclaimed by others. Will Modi ji, though, accept my meal? Does he think I am trustworthy? "I would prepare any food he enjoys," the Bengal CM continued.

Culinary masterchief? 

Mamata Banerjee has proven her culinary prowess on several occasions, from shaping momos in Darjeeling to stirring a pot of khichuri bhog for Kali Puja. In Santiniketan, she once took over a breakfast stand on the side of the road and started serving vegetarian curry.
Mamata was heard giving instructions to "add water" and "lower the flame" while she assisted in preparing labra, a Bengali dish made with diced potatoes, pumpkin, brinjal, and beans. In Jhargram, the Bengal chief minister was once seen cooking and feeding aloo chops to locals. The reports stated that the residents were ecstatic. On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee has employed the ladle in combat. When she chose to season the Lok Sabha election campaign in West Bengal into a "Us vs Them" conflict last month, she employed food as a political weapon as well as a shield.

Wait what? A culinary attack

The Trianmool Congress successfully tested the Bengal chief minister's use of food to turn political tables after the BJP attacked RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav over a fish feast. The TMC saw it as a "cultural attack" by "them," or the outsiders, on Bengali identity.Using a lavish array of food, Mamata Banerjee blasted the BJP and Narendra Modi once more. "Modi advises giving up meat, eggs, and fish. "Why must you eat fish?" inquired Mamata. "So, what ought to we eat? Mushrooms? or barley?," she asked further. With a strong emphasis on cooking the lunch specifically for PM Modi, Mamata declared, "I swear, I will cook by myself, not get it done by anybody else." She added that it is up to individuals to choose what they eat.

Here's what she had to say

"People will consume whatever they please. People who enjoy vegetarian cuisine will consume it. "Those who enjoy non-vegetarian cuisine will continue to consume it," stated Mamata Banerjee."While some adore dosa, others adore dhokla. While some people adore parathas, others adore idli. While some choose rice, others favor roti. While some people adore biryani, others prefer prawn-ridge or prawn-pointed gourds. Mamata Banerjee exclaimed, "Many others adore prawn malai dish," in a single breath.

Food has no barriers, right? 

Aside from the political discussions, one may be asking at this point what the bengali foods Mamata is referring to, since they are not served at "legit Bengali restaurants" in our major cities. And how are they prepared? Even many of us who sometimes dine at Bengali restaurants in our metropolises may not be familiar with some of the less well-known Bengali meals that she mentioned, such as the omnipresent roshogolla and sondesh, as well as the well-known Aloo Posto and Kosha Mangsho. You might question what in the world are Potol chingri, Jhinge chingri, and Chingrir malai curry. Some of the Bengali cuisine is sophisticated and highly regarded, while others is straightforward and rustic.

Here are the recipes for the delicacies that CM Mamata Banerjee specified, taking her list a step further.

Potol Chingri: Stuffed pointed gourds (potol) with a mashed mixture of shrimp (chingri), coconut, and spices is the recipe for a hearty bowl of potol chingri. Next, add the packed gourds and simmer until soft after sautéing the onions, tomatoes, and ginger-garlic paste. This meal pairs well with rice thanks to a dash of coriander leaves and garam masala.

Jhinge Chingri: A delicious and soothing summertime delight, Jhinge Chingri comes next. Before cooking Jhinge Chingri, sauté the ridge gourd (jhinge) in a mixture of chile, cumin, and turmeric. When the chingri (small prawns) turn pink, add them and simmer. Add a small amount of coconut milk and boil until the flavors combine. There is a pot full of Jhinge Chingri there, which is also delicious with hot steamed rice.

Famous Chingri Malai Curry: This dish was also included on the list. Sautéing onions, ginger, and garlic paste is a good place to start. Add a sprinkling of chili powder, cumin, and turmeric. Simmer after adding some fresh coconut milk. After adding, cook the prawns until done. Add few coriander leaves and sliced green chilies as garnish. It is going to be time for the flavorful and creamy entrée.

Biryani was the last dish Mamata mentioned in her address. When Mamta mentions biryani, one should probably investigate how the city prepares the dish, which is enhanced with a soft, juicy piece of aloo (potato) and an egg.

More culinary activity

To make Kolkata Biryani, first marinate your preferred meat in yogurt, saffron, ginger-garlic paste, and spices. Boil rice while adding whole spices. Next, arrange the rice, fried potatoes, eggs, and marinated meat in a different pot. Garnish with fried onions, mint, and ghee. Cover with dough and cook for a bit on dum, or low heat. After that, the rest is history. The potatoes and boiled eggs in Kolkata Biryani are what give it its unique flavor. The flavor of Kolkata Biryani is softer than that of its counterparts from Lucknow and Hyderabad.

PM Modi's decision to accept Mamata Banerjee's offer for a homemade dessert is still up in the air. But Mamata proved she could serve meals and shift tables at the same time by casually sporting the chef's apron and toque.