Delhi Police uses 'AI' to regenerate victim's face

The body of an unidentified young male was found under the Geeta Colony flyover in East Delhi on January 10th.

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The Delhi Police leveraged artificial intelligence technology to crack a chilling murder case earlier this month. The use of AI not only helped identify the victim but also led to the arrest of the primary accused responsible for the killing.

The case first came to light on 10 January when the body of an unidentified young man was discovered under the Geeta Colony flyover in east Delhi. A post-mortem revealed the cause of death as strangulation. With no ID found on or near the corpse, police faced a tough task in establishing the victim's identity.

Turning to cutting-edge AI, the Delhi Police digitally reconstructed the severely disfigured face of the deceased victim. Around 500 posters featuring the AI-generated image were strategically placed at locations across Delhi and circulated via WhatsApp. The victim's body was visually set against the backdrop of the Yamuna river.

The breakthrough emerged when a man spotted a poster outside a police station and called to identify the image as his elder brother Hitendra. Further investigation revealed that Hitendra had been embroiled in a dispute with three individuals, leading to a fatal confrontation.

Acting swiftly on this new information, the police arrested those three men along with a woman who had helped conceal evidence of the crime. Through the innovative use of artificial intelligence, the Delhi Police thus managed to unravel this complex murder mystery.