Gruesome! Man skins wife, beheads her when she refuses to do THIS

The chilling scene revealed the woman's body submerged in a pool of blood, with her husband having peeled off her skin, exposing her veins and intestines.

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Crime News: In a shocking incident that sent shivers down the spine of Karnataka's Tumkur district, a man was arrested for the brutal murder of his wife. The reason? She had allegedly failed to serve him dinner. The police revealed the gruesome details, stating that the accused not only killed his wife but also decapitated her and skinned her body.

Chilling visuals from the man's residence depicted the horrifying aftermath of the crime. The lifeless body of the woman lay in a pool of blood, her skin peeled off, exposing veins and intestines. Her severed head rested beside her mutilated body, painting a chilling picture of the heinous act.

How did it happen?

The harrowing incident unfolded on Monday night in Huliyurudurga town of Kunigal taluk. The accused, identified as Shivarama, worked at a sawmill. Reports suggest that he frequently engaged in arguments with his wife, Pushpalatha, aged 35. On that fateful night, a dispute erupted over dinner, escalating into a violent quarrel fueled by employment issues.

Tragically, the couple's eight-year-old son was present in the house during the gruesome act, oblivious to the horror unfolding around him as he slept.

Accuse confess his crime

Ashok Venkat, Tumkur Superintendent of Police, confirmed the arrest, stating that the accused confessed to the murder during interrogation. He revealed that the couple, married for a decade in an intercaste union, had a history of minor disputes. However, this altercation turned deadly, culminating in a senseless act of violence.