He is WEAK: Priyanka Gandhi attacks PM Modi on shedding tears for vote

Priyanka Gandhi said, "Narendra Modi starts shedding tears after hearing a little criticism. This is weakness."

Mayank Kasyap
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Courtesy: ANI

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: As the Lok Sabha elections proceed to enter the fourth phase of elections the electoral battle is pacing up. And so are the attacks being laid down by various leaders. Meanwhile, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

First prime minister who tells his own problems

Recalling the verbal attacks made by PM Narendra Modi on her deceased father and grandmother she said, "This is the first Prime Minister who comes to you and tell his own problems. He abuses from morning to evening, calls Indra ji anti-national, calls Rajeev ji anti-national. He keeps on saying whatever he feels like about my family. You should not even ask what all things he says."

"And then when he is in front of you he accuses others of abusing him. We have never abused him, not even once. Abusing is not our culture," she added.

"Never seen such a weak prime minister in my life" 

She went on to say that if PM Modi led BJP government will not work, will be doing wrong thing, questions will be asked and they should be asked. She said, "But yes, if you will not work we will definitely ask you questions. If you are involved in doing things in a wrong manner, we will definitely question you. No you have even started crying in front of the public. I have not seen such a weak prime minister in my life. I have seen my grandmother, when the whole world was attacking, abusing, fighting a war. A single lady divided Pakistan from India into two parts. She did not shed even a single tear."

Recalling Sanjiv Gandhi's death

Recalling the instance of Sanjay Gandhi's death and its impact on ex-Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, she said, "On the day when her son died, I have seen my grandmother at that time, even if she cried, she did it only in her room. When she stood in front of people she used to stand strong. She went to work the next day." 

PM Modi is shedding tears on little criticism

Continuing her attack and drawing parallels of strength between Indira Gandhi and Narendra Modi, she said, "Narendra Modi starts shedding tears after hearing a little criticism. This is weakness. It is said in the world that there is a very capable Prime Minister but this is a weakness. He will do anything to ask for votes."