Husband was not at home; Men abduct, take woman to forest, do THIS shocking thing with her

A horrific incident in Rajasthan has sparked outrage and demands for justice. A woman in Karauli district was abducted, subjected to a brutal gang rape, and ultimately killed by her attackers.

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New Delhi: Police reports indicate that a 30-year-old woman, belonging to a nomadic community residing near Gangapur City, was abducted on Wednesday while her husband was away working. The couple collected scrap for a living. The scorching heat prompted the husband to work alone that day. Upon his return in the evening, he was informed by a villager that his wife had been taken away by two men, Jawan Singh and Sheru, residents of the same village.

Devastating discovery by husband

Rushing home to find the doors wide open, the distraught husband frantically searched for his wife. The following day, his worst fears materialized when the police recovered a woman's body from a nearby forest. The body, identified as the missing wife, was found in a semi-nude state, bearing undeniable signs of a brutal sexual assault.

Husband's account paints grim picture

The inconsolable husband alleges that his wife was abducted, forced to consume alcohol, and then gang-raped throughout the night, leading to her death. Based on his statement and the condition of the body, the police have registered a case under sections pertaining to murder and gang rape. The two suspects, Jawan Singh and Sheru, have been apprehended for further investigation.

Community demands swift justice

This heinous crime has sent shockwaves through the local community, with residents demanding swift and severe punishment for the perpetrators. The incident has also ignited discussions on the critical need for improved safety measures for women, particularly those belonging to vulnerable communities.