Kids were crying, firing continued for 20 minutes! Eyewitness shares chilling scenes of Poonch terror attack

The Poonch terror attack claimed life of Corporal Vikky Pahade who succumbed to injuries at the hospital.

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Courtesy: ANI

Days after the Poonch terror attack, a local eyewitness has unfolded the chilling scenes of the ambush and firing on an Indian Air Force (IAF) that claimed the life of one Indian Army personnel and four injured. Corporal Vikky Pahade succumbed to his injuries at the hospital after the attack that took place in the Surankote area of Poonch on May 5.

While speaking to ANI on Wednesday, one of the local eyewitnesses in the Jaran Wali Gali area of Poonch, who only identified himself by his first name Asgar, informed that the ambush between the army personnel and terrorists continued for approximately 20 minutes.

"We were terrified when a vicious shootout broke out and lasted for almost twenty minutes. Later on, I learned that some of our guys had suffered wounded, and one of them eventually passed away from those wounds. As the firing continued, my kids started crying. Because of the deep forest, I was unable to identify the exact number of terrorists there," the eyewitness told ANI.

Asgar continued, "As I wake up every morning, I fear for the safety of my children," asserting that it was the first incident of that nature to occur in the neighborhood. Since the attack, the trucks carrying necessary supplies to this isolated location have ceased arriving, which has increased our concerns about where to get our daily supplies. 

He further praised the army personnel saying that they pass from here almost every day and distribute toffees to children. Asgar also expressed grief for the army personnel who lost his life.

Meanwhile, the lookout for the terrorists involved in the ambush is on. Indian Air Force on Tuesday announced the reward money of Rs 20 lakh for searching the terrorsits and shared the sketch on social media.