Man calls minor sister-in-law from Mathura: They did THIS before committing suicide together

The brother-in-law had brought his minor sister-in-law from Mathura to Greater Noida by luring her. She reached reached Greater Noida yesterday.

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New Delhi: A bizarre as has emerged from Noida where a sister-in-law along with her brother-in-law were so madly involved in love that they both committed suicide by consuming poison. The incident took place in Habibpur village located in Greater Noida. Both people together consumed poison and committed suicide. They were taken to the hospital where breathed there last. After getting the news of the incident the deceased's wife is in a very bad condition.

Girl was lured by brother-in-law 

The brother-in-law and his minor sister-in-law were living on rent in Habibpur village of Ecotech-3 Kotwali area of Greater Noida. Both of them consumed poisonous substance last night. They were admitted to a hospital in Noida for treatment in critical condition, where they died. Police reached the spot after receiving information about the incident and are investigating the matter. According to the police, the brother-in-law had brought his minor sister-in-law from Mathura to Greater Noida by luring her. She reached reached Greater Noida yesterday.

Who are the deceased individuals?

According to the police, late on Friday night, the police control room received information that Dharmendra, son of Jagan Das, resident of village Madhuri Kund, Govardhan district, Mathura, living on rent in a house located near the water tank of Habibpur village. The man is aged 24 years and his sister-in-law is 17 years old. Madhu, a one year old minor girl has consumed poison. He said that both of them were admitted to the hospital for treatment in critical condition. Media in-charge said that both of them died during treatment.

Girl confesses before dying

He further said that when the police reached the hospital, the girl was in a condition to talk. He told the police that the deceased were brother-in-law and sister-in-law. Both of them loved each other and ran away from home. Media in-charge further said that both of them committed suicide by consuming salfas. The police have informed the families of both. Family members have also come to Noida from Mathura district. He told that if the family members make any complaint in this matter then the police will investigate the matter.

They were living on rent as brother, sister

The owner of the house where the deceased lived said that he received information late in the night that both of them had consumed poison. He informed the police. Police officers advised them to immediately get both of them admitted to the hospital. He took both of them to the hospital in his vehicle. He told that while renting the room, both of them had told him that they were brother and sister. After the incident they came to know that both were brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

According to the police, the girl had initially told the police who reached the spot that both were brother and sister. When the police interrogated them seriously, it came to light that both of them were brother-in-law and sister-in-law and had run away from home. Dharmendra's wife, is in bad condition and crying. According to her, she had never imagined even in her dreams that her husband and his real sister would betray her in this way. The wife of the deceased was seen cursing both her husband and sister.