Who is Akash Anand? Mayawati's choice to lead BSP

Mayawati's decision to pass the baton to Akash Anand adds a new chapter to the BSP's leadership.

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Courtesy: X/Mayawati

New Delhi: In a surprising move, Mayawati, the chief of the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), has officially named her nephew, Akash Anand, as her successor to lead the party. This announcement has sparked curiosity and discussions about the 28-year-old's political journey and vision.

Who is Akash Anand?

Akash Anand, who has been actively involved in the party's affairs, especially in Rajasthan, now takes the reins as the leader of BSP. Holding the official position of BSP's national coordinator, Akash Anand is not just a family successor but a young force supporting the vision of BR Ambedkar, as per his official X account.

What is the story behind his rising stature in BSP?

Since August of this year, Akash Anand's prominence within the party has been on the rise. His active participation in state-level review meetings and leadership of the party's 'Sarvajan Hitay, Sarvajan Sukhay Sankalp Yatra' signals a growing stature, especially in the lead-up to the crucial 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Can Akash Anand override nepotism allegations?

Addressing accusations of nepotism, Mayawati clarified that despite appointing Akash Anand as Vice President in January 2019, he chose not to take the post to avoid nepotism concerns. This move was a strategic decision to counter any negative perceptions. Subsequently, in June, Anand's role evolved as he assumed the position of national coordinator, showcasing a familial yet calculated approach to leadership roles within the party. BSP's political oopponents had alread started latching on allegations of Akash Anad being a product of sheer nepotism.  

Akash Anand's debut in politics?

In 2019, Akash Anand made his political rally debut, urging people to support the Samajwadi Party-BSP-Rashtriya Lok Dal alliance. This event unfolded during a 48-hour campaign ban imposed on Mayawati by the Election Commission, emphasizing Akash Anand's active role in rallying political support during critical junctures.

Why did Mayawati chose Akash Anand?

Mayawati's decision to pass the baton to Akash Anand adds a new chapter to the BSP's leadership, and his vision and strategy will undoubtedly shape the party's trajectory in the upcoming political landscape.