Congress, Sanjay Raut attack ICC organisers on Kapil Dev not being invited to World Cup finals

On Sunday, Kapil Dev expressed disappointment over not being invited to the World Cup 2023 venue by the organisers.

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Courtesy: ANI

After former Indian cricketer Kapil Dev expressed his disappointment over not being invited ICC World Cup final match between India and Australia at Ahmedabad on Sunday during a press conference, a row seems to be erupting among the politicians.  

Maharashtra Leader of Opposition and Congress MLA Vijay Wadettiwar has alleged ‘politics’ behind the issue and said, "Today there is politics everywhere... How can cricket be left? There was also politics going on. Therefore, Kapil ji (Dev) was not invited."

It is to be noted here that on Sunday, Kapil Dev expressed disappointment over not being invited to the World Cup venue by the organisers. "I wasn't invited there. They didn't call me so I did not go. As simple as that. I wanted the whole '83 team to be there with me but I guess due to the fact that it's such a big event and people are so busy handling responsibilities, sometimes they forget," Kapil said while addressing the media persons.

Congress MLA Vijay Wadettiwar is not alone, apart from him, Shiv Sena (UBT) leader Sanjay Raut has demanded an explanation from BCCI and ICC on the matter. In a post on X, Raut wrote, "India's legendary cricketer Kapil Dev was not invited to the World Cup final match. The cricket icon has been insulted brazenly, and India has been humiliated...What a big shame ? BCCI, ICC should explain to the world whether they did so under pressure from rulling party of india? They owe an explanation to the entire cricket world.”

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh also lashed out at the organising committee of the ICC not inviting Kapil Dev to the major event.

Jairam Ramesh posted on X, "It is simply unacceptable and extremely petty that Kapil Dev was not invited by the cricket establishment for the World Cup final in Ahmedabad. Like Bedi, Kapil Dev is known to speak his mind, and he did come out openly in support of the agitating women wrestlers a few months back.”