Is your phone breaching your privacy? Easy guide to stop Google from listening your conversation

Are you aware that your smartphone captures and saves everything you say, storing it on Google's servers?

Shantanu Poswal
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Many Android users have encountered the unsettling experience of discussing a topic, such as purchasing a new car or property, only to later see ads related to those conversations on their smartphones. This issue arises due to smartphones potentially listening to conversations, leading to concerns about privacy and data security.

Google Account Permissions and Targeted Advertising

All Android smartphones globally operate using a Google Account, which is necessary for downloading apps and accessing various services. During the setup process, users grant permissions that enable Google to collect and utilise their information for targeted advertising purposes, including audio and video activity.

Preventing Google from Listening: A Step-by-Step Guide

To safeguard privacy and prevent Google from accessing audio and video activity, users can adjust settings on their Android devices using the following steps:

1. Access Google Settings: Navigate to the settings of your Android device and select Google settings from the options.
2. Manage Your Google Account: Access your Google profile and tap on "Manage Your Google Account." Proceed to the Data & Privacy section.
3. Disable Web & App Activity: Within the Data & Privacy section, locate and tap on "Web & App Activity." Proceed to the next page.
4. Exclude Audio and Video Activity: In the "Web & App Activity" settings, find the "Include Audio and Video Activity" subsetting. Deselect this option and accept Google's Terms of Service to confirm the changes.

By following these steps, users can effectively prevent Google from accessing their smartphone's microphone for audio recording purposes, thereby mitigating privacy risks associated with targeted ads based on spoken words.