Survey finds: 94 percent of Indian professionals turn to AI for time management

The latest report, indicates that approximately 94 percent of Indian service professionals have adopted artificial intelligence (AI).

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In a recent revelation on Monday, a report unveiled that a significant 94 per cent of Indian service professionals have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into their workflow, citing time-saving benefits as a key advantage. This statistic sheds light on the growing reliance on AI technologies within the Indian service sector, signaling a paradigm shift in how professionals approach their work.

AI Adoption Spurs Efficiency and Cost Reduction

According to insights from a new report by Salesforce, a leading enterprise software company, a staggering 89 per cent of service professionals within organizations utilizing AI attest to the technology's efficacy in cost reduction. Arun Kumar Parmeswaran, Managing Director of Sales at Salesforce India, emphasized the transformative impact of AI on productivity and customer experiences.

"As customer expectations continue to increase, the benefits of AI are clear -- increased productivity, cost reduction, and improved customer experiences," stated Parmeswaran. He underscored the pivotal role of AI and data in driving enhanced customer experiences and unlocking revenue-generating opportunities across diverse sectors.

Insights from a Comprehensive Survey

The report, which surveyed over 5,500 service professionals across 30 countries, including 300 respondents from India, offers comprehensive insights into the evolving landscape of AI adoption and its impact on organizational efficiency.

Rising AI Investments and Revenue Expectations

Furthermore, the findings reveal a notable trend among Indian service organizations, with 93 per cent expressing intentions to ramp up AI investments in the current year. This proactive approach underscores the growing recognition of AI's potential to drive innovation and streamline operations within the Indian service sector.

Key Use Cases Driving AI Adoption

Among the myriad applications of AI within the Indian service landscape, three primary use cases emerge as frontrunners: automated summaries and reports, intelligent offers and recommendations, and knowledge article creation. These use cases highlight the versatility of AI technologies in addressing diverse operational challenges and enhancing service delivery.

Anticipated Revenue Growth

Looking ahead, the report projects promising prospects for Indian service organizations, with approximately 79 per cent of surveyed entities expecting service contributions to overall revenue to surge by the year 2024. This optimistic outlook underscores the pivotal role of AI in driving sustainable growth and fostering a culture of innovation within the Indian service sector.