'Drishyam' got real: Brother murders sister, conceals body under floor blaming brother

Real brother killed his sister, buried the body in the house and got it covered with floor, accused brother arrested by the police

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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In a heartbreaking turn of events, a brother's oath to protect his sister was shattered in Bareilly as Ramu, in a shocking twist, confessed to the murder of his own sister, Rani. The gruesome act unfolded after Rani's body, missing for a month, was discovered buried beneath the flooring of their family home, with fur laid over it in a macabre attempt to conceal the crime.

The Victim: Rani's Story

Rani, aged 35 and daughter of Tejram, hails from Sanaiya Dhansingh in Subhash Nagar police station's jurisdiction. Her marriage to Alkesh from Shiv Nagar in Rudrapur occurred two decades ago, making her the eldest among five siblings. Following her sisters' marriages, Rani returned to her maternal home, where she resided with her brothers, Ramu and Lakhan. Ramu, already married, had previously borrowed Rs 51 thousand from Rani to purchase a tempo.

The Tragic Turn of Events

On March 15, Rani's elder daughter, Shivani, visited Ramu to collect the owed money. Unfortunately, this encounter took a gruesome turn when Ramu, facing financial strain, strangled his sister to death in a fit of rage. To hide his heinous act, he dug a deep pit within their home and buried Rani's body, subsequently concealing it under newly laid flooring.

Discovery of the Crime

The disappearance of Rani raised suspicions, especially when Lakhan noticed her purse abandoned on a cot. Fearing the worst, he promptly reported her missing to the Subhash Nagar police station on March 17. Lakhan's observant eye also caught a new purse belonging to Ramu, a detail he didn't overlook while informing the authorities.

Unraveling the Truth

Prompted by Lakhan's observations, the police launched an investigation that led to Ramu's confession and subsequent discovery of Rani's body. The grim reality of her murder sent shockwaves through the community and highlighted the depths of betrayal within familial relationships.

Past Criminal Activities

Ramu's criminal history further darkens this tragic tale. He previously participated in the murder of a call girl from CBganj, alongside his partner Monu Yadav, after acquiring the tempo with borrowed funds. This prior involvement in criminal activities underscores the complexity of his character and the severity of his actions.

A Heartbreaking Revelation

In a chilling statement, Area Officer I Pankaj Srivastava revealed that Ramu justified his actions by citing Rani's alleged alcohol consumption as a source of his discontent, a feeble attempt to rationalize a heinous crime born out of financial strain and deep-seated resentment.