'Unacceptable': Woman claims Air India gave her mother's business class seat to another passenger

The woman claimed that her mother's business class seat had been given to someone else. Air India reacted by asking the woman to message the airline via direct message.

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Courtesy: X

An angry woman accused Air India of giving her mother's business class seat to another person on X. She advised that the airline "do better" and referred to the occurrence as "stupid." “Absolutely ridiculous behaviour and no regard for your customers! We will be complaining about this. Air India, do better!” she added.

The traction game is on!

A few hours earlier, someone shared the first tweet. It has had over 3.9 lakh views since then. In addition, the post has received close to 5,100 likes. As they responded to the tweet, people left a variety of remarks.

Air India responds!

Air India joined this conversation on X and added, "Dear Ma'am, please share your contact number via DM. Let us connect with you over the call."

Later, Vitasta posted an update and added, "It's been six hours since I posted this tweet. I will talk to you once my mother lands and I have spoken to her. If she hasn't been given a business class seat/has had an uncomfortable journey in any way, we will discuss this further.".
In response, the airline tweeted, "Dear Ma'am, please be rest assured that we're investigating the matter on priority with our airport team. We'll connect with you soon.".