Another twist? Delhi police responds to viral video alleging Vada Pav Girl's arrest

A video featuring Chandrika Dixit, also known as the Vada Pav Girl, went viral, with allegations suggesting her arrest. Delhi Police has issued a response regarding this matter.

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After a video capturing an interaction between police officials and a vada pav seller circulated widely on social media, Delhi police issued a statement on Saturday, clarifying that the woman in question was not arrested, and no legal action has been initiated against her.

Identified as Chandrika Dixit, popularly known as the 'vada pav' girl, she has been operating a food stall in the Mangolpuri area of outer Delhi, garnering attention for her unique offerings.

The incident stemmed from a video posted by Dixit, depicting a confrontation between herself and local residents during a community feast near her stall. This gathering attracted a significant crowd, causing disruptions to traffic flow in the vicinity.


In response to complaints received regarding the traffic congestion, a police team intervened and escorted Dixit to the police station for questioning and to address the situation.

Addressing the incident, the police clarified, "She was temporarily detained during the time of the crowd surge and the complaint, but no formal charges were pressed, and she was not subjected to arrest."

The incident highlights the challenges faced by street vendors and the need for coordination between authorities and local businesses to ensure smooth operations and public safety.