Bring your own plane: Ryanair's reaction to passenger's legroom issue will leave you in splits!

"Ryanair, I will come with my own legroom next time," the traveler said, pointing to a photo of the legroom.

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Ryanair, an Irish airline well-known for its inexpensive travel, gained headlines recently for its astute handling of a passenger's grievance regarding insufficient legroom. The traveler posted a picture of himself on social media to express how uncomfortable he was with the narrow legroom on the aircraft. The fact that one of his feet is touching the front seat in the picture brings the problem to light. The traveler expressed his annoyance through his caption, joking, "Ryanair, I will come with my own legroom next time." The Ryanair social media team, who are renowned for their witty and lighthearted reactions to consumer comments, took notice of this post.

Humor par exilence

Ryanair responded to the complaint with a quip of their own, displaying their signature humor. "Come with your own plane next time," they advised. With over 6 million views and praise from social media users for Ryanair's quick turnaround, the clever interaction quickly went viral. Even though complaints over legroom restrictions are not unusual, Ryanair's amusing response brought some laughter to the situation.

Ryanair being iconic!

Ryanair has a history of using humor to interact with its consumers. In a recent exchange, Ryanair cleverly addressed the 2024 Met Gala's topic. The airline responded in reaction to a post regarding the subject of the event made by the media outlet Pop Crave. The 2024 Met Gala is three weeks away, and this year's dress code is 'The Garden of Time,' according to Ryanair's social media team. On your ideal guest list, who is it? In a lighthearted turn of events, Ryanair also released a Photoshopped picture of one of its planes covered in flowers and foliage, along with a pair of lips wearing pink lipstick.